About Me


Welcome to Land Development Realties

I started in real estate development in 1993 with no previous background or mentoring. My career in real estate has been almost exclusively in subdividing land into residential building lots located in the transition zone between urban and rural areas. The basic strategy is to buy outside existing residential expansion, tie into off site utility mains, provide one or more unique features or amenities and do a better than expected job of constructing and marketing the finished product.  

I know land and how to acquire, develop and construct it from a raw state to a finished and marketable product. As principal for various S-Corporations and LLC’s formed around real estate development projects, I have handled acquisition, due diligence, entitlement, city, county, state and federal permitting, environmental compliance, construction, marketing and every aspect of land management on both a large and small scale. I have managed high functioning professional teams for very large phased projects and have also done various smaller ones on my own.

Other Stuff:

Spending significant time doing other things has helped me in real estate development, finance and business in general:

I have been a Trustee for seven different Private Trusts holding traditional investment assets to include real estate. I was owner and Designated Broker of a real estate brokerage for 9 years, specializing in the acquisition and disposition of land. I have negotiated and contracted for mineral royalties and have experience with forest practices. As Power of Attorney (properly called Attorney In Fact) for multiple individuals, I have managed private business interests, but I am NOT an attorney at law. I have been Vice Chairman and Treasurer of a local chapter of an internationally recognized charity and President of a private charitable foundation. Before real estate, I was a Director of Sales for a large pharmaceutical company.

What I am not:

  • I am not an attorney or CPA.  

  • I am not a home builder / contractor.

  • I am not your advisor.

Hopefully my personal stories and observations have enough insight to provide food for thought. If I succeed, it will be to get you to think both traditionally and outside of the box.