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Real Estate Experts

As most of us know there is no shortage of self-proclaimed real estate “experts” looking for us to part with our hard-earned money. All you have to do is get excited by the pitch, subscribe online, buy the book or course and part with some cash.

Then go get rich in real estate! … (sorry, I almost forgot that part).

Do I Need a Will?

Some of us ask, “do I need a Will?” A qualified estate planning attorney is the person to provide the right answer, but many people avoid doing estate planning because of the perceived cost, or they just feel it’s too morbid to deal with right now. There are some pitfalls to this thinking, some of which we should look at. 

Leasing Land

Gaining the highest and best use from land is the goal. Most of us tend to think of subdividing or platting the property to do it, but there are other ways to monetize dirt and this one really worked for the landowner – leasing land for a Cellular Site.

Ethics in Business

Existing laws governing real estate practices, general business activity and professional services exist of course, but knowledge of them and caring enough to comply can be a different matter. Being on the good side of the laws is always the goal, but then there are the situations where I am legally right, but ethically conflicted.